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Welcome to the facilitator's manual for qualitative research skills

a qualitative research skills workshop in progress

This site is a collaborative space for researchers interested in qualitative research methods. It is maintained by the RECOUP consortium.

You can start browsing the manual using the above list of sections, starting with the Introduction. The introduction also explains the Creative Commons licensing of the manual, but further information can be found on the RECOUP:Copyrights page.

We encourage free and creative use of these materials. Please cite the original contributions on this source as ‘Singal, N., and Jeffery, R. (2008). Qualitative Research Skills Workshop: A Facilitator's Reference Manual,, Cambridge: RECOUP (Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty).

To find out about alternative ways of accessing or downloading the manual, see our help pages. To find out about collaborative aspects, please visit the RECOUP Community page.

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